Daniel Bertrand - Departed on Jul 31, 2019 - Green Bay, Wisconsin
Daniel Bertrand - Departed on Jul 31, 2019 - Green Bay, Wisconsin

Daniel Bertrand

Born in Green Bay, Wisconsin on Mar 20, 1945

Died on Jul 31, 2019 and resided in Green Bay, Wisconsin

Dan Bertrand was born on March 20, 1945 to Marguerite and Bernard. He had a ready smile and a sparkle in his eye. While Dan’s family and friends would all benefit from his endless capacity to love, his neighbors suffered broken windows from homemade childhood rockets. Fortunately, Dan was charming and clever enough to overcome his penchant for mischief. Dan’s father died in an accident when Dan was eight and his sister Becky was five, launching a lifetime of taking charge and caring for others. He grew to be a strong leader who made decisions with equal parts kindness and intelligence. Dan was the sort of big brother, father and co-worker that you could not help but like and respect.

Dan attended Cathedral Grade School in Green Bay, Wisconsin where he delighted in the challenge of outwitting the strictest of nuns. He graduated from Green Bay East High School in 1963, voted ‘Most Likely to Go to Prison’ by his class (an accurate prophesy, if not as intended). He enlisted in the Marines after graduation, where his clever, charming nature was enriched with further strength and self-discipline. He served in Vietnam and at bases around the world. Dan was honorably discharged as a Staff Sargent in 1972 while serving as an intelligence assistant in Norfolk, Virginia.  

In 1966, Dan married Patty Miller. It was the young couple’s love and commitment that sustained them as they lost their first four children shortly after birth. Their dream of a family was realized when their sons Patrick and Peter were born. Two boys were never so loved and appreciated by their parents. The family resided in Green Bay. Unfortunately, tragedy struck again as Patty suffered a long fight with cancer and passed away in 1996. Dan was her nurse, her love and her support while caring and raising their two boys.

Dan started his post-military career as a Correctional Officer in 1974. He worked his way through the ranks to become Warden of the Green Bay Correctional Institution in 1996. Dan was the unique individual that was chosen to serve as both the union representative for the officers and later as the management representative as Warden. He was fair, strong and respected. As Warden, he led a secure maximum security prison while also forming an inmate-led training program for service dogs. He strove to lead his co-workers with empathy as he understood that being a correctional officer is a demanding position. He was known to eat in the prison cafeteria and found it was most effective to maintain peace and security by never forgetting the importance of humanity to all. He became a leader in Green Bay by building bridges between the prison and the community, working with the Packers and various volunteer organizations. Dan retired as Warden in 2005.

In 1997, Dan’s life got quite a shock. The sort of high-charged ‘zing’ that changes everything. He went on his first date with Linda in November and they were engaged a month later. It is a special man indeed that can capture the heart of both his fiancée and her two teenage daughters. Dan and Linda were married on June 21, 1998. Suddenly, the family was composed of children rotating in and out of the house between college breaks and military leaves. Everyone liked each other and appreciated the blissful new love of their parents, so the craziness worked. The children got married, had their own children, and Dan was surrounded by five lively grandsons. He was adored by the boys who crawled into his lap for stories from books and memories.

Dan is survived by his wife, Linda Bertrand; children, Patrick Bertrand, Peter (Deena) Bertrand, Tiffany (Nick) Amlot and Natalie (Jason) Higbie; grandchildren, Joseph Bertrand, Jason Bertrand, Dylan Higbie, Joel Amlot and Noah Amlot; best friend/brother John VanLaanen; and his extended family of in-laws, cousins, nieces and nephews. We miss you already.

Dan was preceded in death by his parents, Bernard and Marguerite Bertrand; wife, Patty Bertrand, four infant children; and sister, Becky (Ed) Ross.

Dan’s life will be celebrated with a wake and reception on Sunday, Aug. 4 from 4:00-7:00 pm at the Green Bay Automobile Gallery, 400 S. Adams St. in Green Bay.  On Monday, Aug. 5, there will be a visitation from 9:00-10:00 am, followed by a funeral service at 10:00 am at Resurrection Lutheran Church, 1024 Shawano Ave. in Green Bay. The family will have a burial for him later that day in Radisson, Wisconsin. Online condolences may be sent to Dan’s family at www.prokowall.com

The family will be establishing a memorial fund to benefit local charities where Dan volunteered.


Visitation: Sunday Aug 4, 2019, 4:00-7:00 pm at The Automonbile Gallery

Funeral Service: Monday Aug 5, 2019, 10:00 am at Resurrection Lutheran

Visitation: Monday Aug 5, 2019, 9:00-10:00 am at Resurrection Lutheran Church

Served by Proko-Wall Funeral Director: Bob Walczyk Jr

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