David Janczak

May 27, 1943
November 30, 2020

The man. The myth. The legend.  David S. Janczak.  Also known as “Super Dave.”

He was the hunter.  He was the storyteller.  He was one in a million and meant the world to so many.  The hearts he’s touched, the lives he made better, and the passion he’s shown toward everything that meant something to him just barely scratches the surface of all this incredible man has done in his life.  He has so many stories to take with him to heaven about the fulfilled life he has truly lived.    

Dave was born to Steven and Helen (Beule) Janczak in Beaver Dam, Wisconsin, on May 27, 1943.  Dave’s family enjoyed hearing stories about his childhood adventures and the memories that formed the man he was.  His love for building and creating started around the age of 6 when he built his first two-story tree house out of nothing but the wood from peach crates.  As a child, he also hand-built soapbox derby racers, scooters out of roller skates and leftover lumber, and the list goes on and on.  He had a God given talent from the start.  

Dave married the love of his life, Kathy (Diederich) Janczak, better known as Saint Kathy, because she would forever put up with his many big dreams and passions, and they would create an everlasting love together.  After three years of marriage, Dave began to build Kathy the dream home he always promised her and it turned into the start of an industry leading, nationwide business they grew together on the foundation of their love, Wisconsin Log Homes.  Dave really was MacGyver; he could figure anything out.  A true craftsman, a brilliant builder, and he was the essence of the American Dreamer.  Like his father taught him, he taught his kids and everyone who worked with him how to dream big, work hard, and not complain about putting in the time and effort to do it right.  For those of you that know Dave, know that he never cut a corner and always wanted anything he did or built to be the “best ever.”  When he made something, he made it to last for generations. 

Dave had a very special place in his heart for his children – Steve, Nate and Casey – and loved bigger than anyone.  He was their biggest cheerleader and always made sure they felt loved and supported.  He was there whenever you needed him, with whatever you needed.  Through all the ups and downs of life, he was the calming, positive, strong person we looked up to when times were uncertain to pull us through.  His elaborate schemes and plotting brought a lot of laughter and memories to his friends and family.  He once boobytrapped his entire 20 acres with mock-lasers, alarms, speakers and fireworks when his daughter’s classmates were plotting to toilet paper his house during homecoming.  This became such a challenge that it lasted for years.  Needless to say, he won.  Dave always won. 

Aside from building, Dave had many passions in life that he gave his all to.  If he loved it, he was 100% fully invested and would conquer anything he put his mind to.  He could always be found reading and researching something new, which would typically evolve into something else that would grab his interest.  From fishing lures, to gun reloading, to tractors, he would research for hours on end until he knew everything there was to know.  He defied the old saying “Jack of all trades, master of none” because he was truly the master of everything he put his mind to.  His biggest passion was deer hunting and the comradery of being with friends and family and keeping the tradition alive.  Teaching the art of shooting a gun or bow was something Dave took great pride in with anyone that would want to learn.  Dave was an excellent marksman.  He lived to hunt, but it wasn’t all about getting a deer, it was to make memories that would last a lifetime.  When he sat in a tree stand, it was his time to reflect and connect with God and thank him for his family and many blessings.

Dave had a strong love for the Indigenous culture and art.  He was amazed with their creative talents.  The beat of the drum always renewed his spirit.  Many 4th of July’s were spent at the Oneida pow wows.  He often brought people to witness the beauty of their dances and heritage.  He just had to share his passion for this culture with some of his closest family members and friends and his fondness rubbed off to say the least.     

His love for music and margaritas always made Dave’s birthday celebrations a remarkable experience.  All he needed were friends and family, and a whole lot of Gipsy Kings and Jesse Cook.  He never could believe how anyone could strum a guitar that fast but still make music.  He didn’t understand the lyrics, but always enjoyed the beat. 

Dave took several trips to Mexico with his family and friends.  People would never forget a face and personality like his.  He was too memorable.  It was normal to hear “Senor David” as he walked through the streets.  Or if Dave was telling the story, it was “Senor Davido.”  He found fun in the sand getting hassled by the beach vendors who quickly turned into his best friends with invites to their homes to meet their family, enjoy drinks and have dinner. 

Dave made a lot of relationships and connections in his life with his big heart and sincere smile.  He was a “second dad” to many.  He always made everyone around him feel important.  Everyone he met could feel his passion and love of life; that beat that was born within him.  It was unique.  It was one in a million.  From visiting the local hardware store and bank to making best buddies on a vacation with complete strangers, he made friends anywhere he went.  Out of all the people in his life, top on his list were his 6 grandkids that he was so proud of.  He had a special place in his heart for each of them.  He was so thankful to have the time he had with them and always found new special things about each and every one of them every time they were together.  His young grandchildren would often fall asleep in his arms listening to his stories and soothing voice, and this was a favorite time for both Dave and the kids.   

Anyone that met Dave most likely has “Super Dave” stories and memories that they get to hold on to.  Dave loved to talk about how “great” and “awesome” things that he loved were, so that’s how he got the name “Super Dave.”  And if he really loved it and wanted you to know just how awesome it was, he would use the phrase “it’s the best ever.”  It might have been something as simple as a Whopper he ate at Burger King, a cherry turnover from a bakery, a new pair of shoes, a vacuum, a new tool, a video of some random product or joke, etc.  This part of Dave always made us laugh, but we loved and admired how passionate he was about life.  We will all do our best to carry on the “Super Dave” mindset and belief that life is full of awesome little things and moments that we need to appreciate and not take for granted… because life is awesome, but it sure is fragile and short.  

We are so thankful for the “best ever” stories we have as a family and would love to hear yours.  Please share your stories with us!

After creating his incredible legacy here on earth over the last 77 years, Dave started the next chapter of his eternal story in heaven on November 30, 2020.  We know his heavenly story with our Savior Jesus Christ will be beyond the “Best Ever” and Dave will share it with us in our hearts and through the beauty we see in God’s creation and nature that surrounds us every day.  “But our citizenship is in heaven.  And we eagerly await a Savior from there, the Lord Jesus Christ, who, by the power that enables him to bring everything under his control, will transform our lowly bodies so that they will be like his glorious body.” -Philippians 3:20-21 

Dave is loved and missed dearly by his wife Kathy of Pittsfield and three children: Steve (Eleonore) Janczak, Minneapolis, MN; Nate (Stephanie) Janczak, Suamico and Casey (Dustin) Elam, Ledgeview; six grandchildren: Karl and Leo Janczak; Cameron and Levi Janczak and Devin and Jace Elam, as well as many other extended family and friends.

Per Dave’s wishes, a private family service will be held at Proko-Wall Funeral Home with Rev. Robert Laubenstein officiating.  Due to the Covid Pandemic there will be a public celebration of Dave’s life for family and friends at a later date to be announced.  In lieu of floral expressions please support The Giving Tree Pantry.  Donations may be sent to The Giving Tree, attn: Kourtney Feldhausen, 2706 Lineville Rd. Green Bay, WI 54313.  We strongly encourage anyone to share their “Super Dave” stories with the Janczak family at www.prokowall.com.

This isn’t goodbye, but rather as Dave would always say to his grandchildren, this is “see you round like a donut.”  Dave, you were loved as much as you loved, and you will forever be in our hearts. 

Dave’s family would like to extend their special gratitude and appreciation for all the health care workers, especially those who cared for Dave during his time at Aurora’s Intensive Care Unit.  God bless each of you.