Dennis Kadlec

August 25, 1942
September 2, 2020

Dennis L. Kadlec, 78, of Mountain, passed away on Wednesday, Sept. 2, 2020.  He was born in Clintonville, WI on August 25, 1942, but moved to the Kelly Lake area when he was very young.  Dennis spent most of his life in Oconto County.  He was an outstanding fisherman and excellent hunter.  Dennis traveled from Canada to Alaska and also Mexico.  He always came home with plenty of fish or meat.  He loved teaching people his techniques.  He taught his stepsons Jeff and John Egge how to hunt and fish.  They traveled out of the country and to many states to find the best place for their next adventure.  He liked to share his talents with his grandchildren.

Dennis was also a licensed plumber and a licensed captain through United States Coast Guard.  He helped many people locate and find their catch of the day on Lake Michigan.

Dennis was married to Judy Egge on December 8, 1989 and spent the last 25 years working and traveling together.  Dennis was on the Suring Fire Department for many years, serving from a basic fireman to the Chief of the department.  He spent 31 years in law enforcement for the State of Wisconsin as a patrolman, Marshall for the Village of Suring, Chief of police for the Village of Suring and also as a Deputy for the Oconto County Sheriff’s Department.  Dennis attended and completed many training schools including scuba diving, FBI investigative training and cultural customs and beliefs as part of his law enforcement positions.  Dennis retired from the Oconto County Sheriff’s Department in 1995 but continued to help anyone who needed him.  Dennis was a caretaker for a northern Oconto County property for 10 years after retirement.  He enjoyed the outdoors and making maple syrup, tapping 250 maple trees.  Dennis has many tales about his life and adventures, along with many interesting and unusual calls he experienced during his life.

Dennis is the son of Luke and Irene Kadlec; father of Jeff, Steve and Kris Kadlec; brother of Barb Witte and Judy Mann; step father of Jeff and Jon Egge; grandfather and great grandfather; and husband of Judy for 31 years.