We Are Here For You

Proko-Wall Funeral Home understands that after the funeral service is over, the tide of friends and relatives showing their love and support slows to a ripple. It is when the room is empty and survivors are left to their own thoughts and memories that the pain of loss is greatest. For that reason, Proko-Wall provides aftercare attention.

The grief journey begins

Remember our philosophy, “Ease their pain by walking in their shoes.” Proko-Wall’s staff has walked the aftercare path before. Our experience with doing the little things eases the pain of transition for families we care for. The list of aftercare services is simply this: “Any help that we can provide.” Proko-Wall’s aftercare services are available at no extra charge.

We’ve been there

Knowing the needs of families before, during, and after the death of a loved one – and coming through for them in the hours of their greatest need defines Proko-Wall Funeral Home. Our business grows through the loyalty of families we have helped. Often, those families recommend Proko-Wall in the hopes that friends will experience the same comfort and care they received after the death of their loved one.

Easing pain

At Proko-Wall Funeral Home, a funeral is more than a service. It is the beginning of a grief journey and a celebration of a life. And the staff at Proko-Wall is committed to walking with our families down that lonesome road.

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