Cremation has increased in popularity over the last few decades in part because this method of disposition offers flexibility for loved ones to plan when and where the memorial service will take place. This is especially helpful for those with loved ones traveling long distances to attend the service. You can also choose to hold a traditional service utilizing a ceremonial rental casket for visitation, whether the visitation and funeral service is held over one or two days, with the cremation taking place after services are complete.

Cremation also allows for a loved one to keep the urn in their home or scatter the cremains in a meaningful location, although they can also be interred in a cemetery or mausoleum, with or without a grave-side service. Whether you choose burial or cremation, Proko-Wall Funeral Home can provide you with a meaningful funeral service.

Cremation Urns

We offer several options for burial urns including individual and companion urns, which are intended for the cremains of two people. Cremation urns are available in hundreds of designs made from a wide variety of materials including wood, bronze, composite materials, and cultured stone. Urns are generally engravable or an engraved plate can adhere to them.

You Can Still Have a Service

Being cremated does not prevent one from having traditional funeral services. Whether the visitation and funeral service is one day or over a two-day period in the funeral home or at a church, the cremation can take place after the services. Cremation caskets are available but are not required by state law. A rental casket is available for visitation purposes or a casket may be purchased.

Obtaining Authorization

In most states, the county coroner or medical examiner’s office must authorize a cremation. This authorization assures the deceased did not die for any reason other than natural causes or accident. If the death was not for those reasons, the medical examiner will authorize a cremation but only after all legal and/or physical evidence has been secured.

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